Dread the early mornings?

One student’s view on waking up early

Dread the early mornings?

Mya Das, Reporter

First period starts at 7:15 AM, and 8 out of 10 times I can’t wake up for the first two periods of the day. Its specifically my B-Days. I really love the block schedule but why do we wake up so early?

Let’s get down to details: on my A-Days I only have two classes at the end of the day. This means I don’t wake up until 9 AM. On my B-Day I have a full day, 4 full blocks. I know what you are thinking… “wow she’s super lazy” or “it’s really not that hard to wake up”. But it’s true, when you go from waking up at 9 every other day to 6 is a huge difference.

Not being able to wake up in the morning means I miss my first class of the day. This doesn’t help with my attendance at all. For the month of February I went to 5 full days of school. It becomes stressful because I need great attendance for college but I cannot wake up!

I’ve been thinking lately about how I can fix my situation. My phone alarm doesn’t work anymore because it is so easy to swipe up and hit the snooze button. I need a solid alarm clock.  I need to invest in an actual alarm clock. I don’t think I’m going to put it next to my bed either, I’m going to put it across my room so it forces me to wake up.

But I need more suggestions. I’ve tried waking up and drinking water really fast, what a fail. Also, I’ve tried having my little brother wake me up, but he can’t even get up himself.

Maybe we could solve this issue through changing our block schedule. Maybe we can change it by switching the start time to just fifteen minutes later. I may not be here next year, but I’m sure it could help someone out.

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