Is arming teachers with guns the best solution?

A student’s opinion and perspective

In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, much debate about guns and their usage has arisen. Specifically, there is debate about arming teachers with guns in schools in order to try and prevent similar situations from happening.

There are countless cases of opposing views with this situation including “Arming teachers will help prevent more shootings! What if a shooter came in and started attacking? Teachers would be able to protect themselves and their students!” and “Giving teachers guns is dangerous! What if a crazy student got a hold of it? They could shoot up the school!”

Both sides give pretty good reasoning to their opinions and both are very convincing. On one hand, arming teachers might deter potential shooters — I know I’d think twice about attacking if I knew that those around me had guns, but on the other hand, teachers might forget their gun somewhere or accidentally shoot something they didn’t mean too if they haven’t been properly trained to handle it — there have been stories of people accidentally shooting themselves in the leg* (which sounds super painful) and forgetting them in bathrooms.

Honestly, arming all teachers probably isn’t the best option, especially if they can be forgetful and aren’t properly trained. I’ve been trained with gun safety and proper handling of guns and even then I don’t always trust myself to be the person behind the trigger. Guns are dangerous and powerful and can be deadly if they aren’t respected and used correctly. There’s a lot of care and maintenance that goes into keeping one functioning, and shooting guns are definitely not for everybody.

In my opinion, I don’t think that we should arm every teacher, but maybe only the ones who want to be. Now, granted, they should have to pass a series of checks to make sure they’re responsible enough to carry one. They should have to prove they’ve bought the guns legally, have undergone classes teaching them how to manage and use one and safety classes that have drilled the four rules of gun safety into them. If they’re going to have guns in our school, they ought to know everything they can to protect us and keep us safe, especially when it comes to guaranteeing our safety from a misfire or a person’s inability to use a gun correctly.

There could be better options, that’s true, but really there is no one solution to gun violence. Getting rid of them will only delay the problem while giving them to everyone might escalate it. It’s a complicated issue that will require much debate, sacrifice, and not everyone will be happy with the solution. But so long as we can keep our students safe in the schools, that’s one aspect of the problem solved.


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