Students’ opinions on the walk out


Corbyn Vaow

Students gathered outside Mead High School on Wednesday morning, participating in the walk out

Conner Henman and Corbyn Vaow

“I think the walk outs are a way to show the government what needs to be done. Although thoughts and prayers are important, they aren’t going to change the laws or change what has happened multiple times. Something needs to be done.” Stated Jessica James-Roxby, a sophomore at Silver Creek High School when asked what she thought the upcoming walkouts are about.

So what are they for? According to Jessica they’re about showing our government that something needs to be done about gun laws in the US because kids — are terrified to even go to school, and you should never be scared to go to school.” Jessica also states.

Another student, Liam Doherty, a junior who attends Mead High School, has similar beliefs, stating “It’s about gun control”

One student that was against the protest is Sami Powell sophomore at Skyline High School says “Personally I don’t believe there is a point in it. No one of power will care that a few school districts are leaving school for a day.”

But what about the other students who think otherwise?

Brett Valdespino, a junior at Mead High School states — “I think the walkouts are more about honoring the victims, almost as an amped up ‘moment of silence’ instead of protesting gun control.