Students gather to speak out on 3/14: a photo essay

Titled: "Mead Speaks Out"

Aiden Owen, Photography Editor

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  • The pairs of shoes are symbolic of the 7,000 shoes in Washington DC representing the 7,000 children killed since Sandy Hook.

  • The organizers of the walk out will wear orange ribbons for the rest of the week for easy identification.

  • Tyler Prigmore, Mikayla Boldt, and Martha McCullogh hold signs protesting against school shootings.

  • A student addresses the gathered crowd explaining her participation in the event.

  • Senior Keena Ball uses her megaphone to address the crowd.

  • Keena Ball, the event speaker, holds silence during another student's story of how the shooting affected them.

  • Keena Ball stands on a ledge as she speaks to the crowd of people.

  • The peace sign, originally designed in 1958, is held up by a participant at Wednesday's event.

  • A sign saying "Not One More!!!" is held up amongst the crowd.

  • Students begin to assemble outside.

  • In response to the walkout, several students display their American flags.

  • Officer Ish and the Mead police department provide security for the students.

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