Sources of Strength

What is Sources of Strength?


Members of Sources of Strength here at Mead pose in front of the Sources of Strength banner.

It is difficult to seek help sometimes. Everyone experiences their individual conflicts, both internal and external, and everyone has their own methods of addressing those conflicts, both good and bad.

In the recent climate of negativity, some find it especially difficult to seek the proper help they need without anyone to see or listen to them.

Luckily, Mead High School has recently adopted a national program in response to rising problems that students deal with on a daily basis.

It is titled Sources of Strength. They are a student organization that empowers selected students to make a social change in their peer community surrounding mental health and suicide prevention.

Sources of Strength was created in North Dakota in 1998 by a man of the name of Mark LoMurray in partnership with rural communities and several northern plains tribes. (Taken from their website).

The program had sent out adult officials to Mead High to have a meeting in the library with appointed students from 9:55 A.M. to 2:15 P.M. on March 9th.

The rundown of the meeting was to train students to become peer leaders to encourage and assist fellow students who are struggling since adults and teachers are unable to notice the conflicts that every student is experiencing.

I was given the chance to talk to a member of Sources of Strength volunteer, Zoe Brown. When asked what it means to be in sources of strength, she responded “it means to be someone who is trusted, we deal with a lot of sensitive subjects, [and] you have to be willing to be open and trusted.” She also added, “although I’ve only been in it about a month, it feels good to help other, it feels good to be on a team, and everyone is very friendly.”

Personally, I’ve dealt with friends who have been struggling with depression, and I understand the power of friends. If you or your friends are struggling with any sort of mental health issues, there are many people to talk to, including the members at Sources of Strength. You aren’t alone ever, as cliche as it sounds.

Sources of Strength is looking to expand and be even more prominent at Mead next year.


Here is their website for more info: