Looking for a fun class to take next year?

Elementary Tutoring is a fun and creative way of earning credit


Paige Reorda poses with Jenny Cloke's kindergarten class

Mead High School offers elementary tutoring for juniors and seniors, worth 0.5 credit per semester, with a pass or fail grading system. Through this experience, you will have hands-on experience with elementary students and their regular classwork.

I, myself, have tutored 4th graders (junior year), and this year I had the opportunity to work with kindergartners in Jenny Cloke’s class at Mead Elementary. In this class I have helped students with reading, writing, and sometimes number recognition. When help with the students isn’t needed, Mrs. Cloke always has something for me to do — whether that be filing papers, or simply organizing classroom supplies.

Senior Marcus Allen says, “I love that my elementary school teacher is my best friend’s older sister [Ms.Shields 3rd grade]. I also love working with the kids and knowing I’m making an impact on these kids’ lives.”

In addition to Allen, Senior Lauren Lopes claims, “I took [elementary tutoring] because I thought it would be a really good experience for me and help me with my future career. The thing I like most about [elementary tutoring] is definitely the kids and how much I learn from the things they say.”

If you are looking to take this course in the future, make sure you have transportation back and forth from Mead Elementary to the high school. It’s important to remember to take your time commuting, and give yourself enough time to make it back to your regular classes on time.