Mead High School Education Foundation continues to offer support for school

Lisa Shields of the Mead High School Education Foundation tells how the Foundation offers support for the community of Mead High.


A photo of the front of the school.

Jared Overturf, Editor

High School Communities all need some form of support to achieve academic and community goals. Mead finds that support from a local Education Foundation. “MHSEF [Mead High School Education Foundation] provides resources to enhance the educational opportunities at Mead High,” said Lisa Shields, who has served as both Community Director and Treasurer.

“This comes in many forms including sponsorship of students/teachers/staff to various conferences (leadership & learning); funding of AP testing; teacher/staff appreciation; student scholarships, and more,” she said.

MHSEF has been very supportive of the whole community of Mead High School ever since it began three years ago. “Initial work to establish the group began in spring of 2015 at the urging of Principal Steve Payne,” said Shields. “Formally, the group began meeting in November of 2015.”

We were created to support STUDENTS in every way possible… whether it is financial support, academic support, mental/emotional support… if there is a need, we will do our best to apply the resources needed to fulfill it,” said Shields.

Just this year, the MHSEF has sponsored students to attend HOBY leadership conference, Empower Art Therapy, and has helped to inspire kids to continue their education by sending a bus of students to visit Metro State University.

We have also provided support to Student Council with their store,” Shields said. “Also, we purchased the camera and equipment for the Mav Newspaper.”

The Education Foundation is offering two scholarships for this year’s seniors. “I just really want to encourage the Seniors to apply for the MHSEF scholarship. The deadline is Friday, April 6 by the end of the school day,” said Shields. “There will be 2 recipients of $1000 each awarded at Senior Night.”

The scholarship application can be found on their website, and the deadline is Friday, April 6th.

“Sure, it’s high school and there are always ups and downs, but it’s easy to pick a Mead kid out in a crowd because their true character always shines through.”