Keeping your cool until we get out of school

How to survive the last two months until summer

Shay Willis, Columnist

As we are settling back into school after spring break, we begin the last stretch of school until summer being in a little less than two months. Soon we will be swamped with last minute papers and projects as teachers cram to fill the curriculum and studying for finals. It’s going to be stressful and high intensity, but we can get through it!

Take time for yourself to unwind during the next few months. As you’re being hit with lots of homework, it’ll be important to remember that you have a life outside of school or work. Sit down and read that book for a half hour or play that game. Do whatever it is you need to to rebuild yourself and release some stress, because if you work yourself to the brink of destruction, you’re going to set yourself up for failure and have a tough few months.

Do everything little by little and don’t procrastinate. Chipping away at the iceberg is much better than facing it head on at the last second. Instead of procrastinating and goofing off, do your homework and assignments. Try to get them all done the night they’re assigned (unless, of course, it’s a project, in which case, design a plan to get it done spread over a week or so with personal deadlines.

Keep healthy habits by exercising, and going to bed at reasonable times while getting adequate amounts of sleep. These next few weeks are going to be long and exhausting, but enough sleep and sleeping when you can will help keep you energized. Exercising will do the same by getting endorphins and other chemicals running through your body giving you more energy to finish out school. Also, remember to eat your meals. A balanced breakfast is a great way to start the day because it give you your initial energy for the day.

And finally, breathe. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and panicky, it’s okay to just sit down and breathe. Focus on your breathing and relax your mind. Remind yourself that it’s almost over and reassure yourself that it’s going to be okay, because it will.

Really, so long as you can hang in there and remind yourself that you’re almost there, you’ll be okay. The reward of summer will so be worth the effort of making it through to the end of school. Hold on by those threads and don’t quit just yet, you’ve almost reached the end and these next few months will fly by faster than you realize.


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