Schools around Colorado are closed on the 27th due to the teacher’s day of action

Hundreds of thousands of students will be impacted due to lack of teacher coverage for schools to operate safely


Aiden Owen

It is in our best interest to discontinue in-person learning.

Kassidy Trembath, Editor in Chief

All Saint Vrain Valley schools have canceled class on Friday.

According to an announcement sent out by district superintendent Don Haddad, “In anticipation of high levels of teacher participation at the rally in Denver, we have changed Friday, April 27 to be a non-student contact day, as we will not be able to ensure adequate supervision and instruction.”

This means that there will not be enough teachers in our schools to be able to keep them open.

The rally is being organized by the CEA (Colorado Education Association). The point of the day of action is to “create strong neighborhood public schools in every community in our state,” says the association.

SVVSD is not the only district that is closing on Friday. To learn more about which schools are being cancelled, you can visit this article published by 9news.

The article explains that 19 districts are closing. This will affect just over half of a million students, of which 32,171 are from SVVSD.

To see the schedule for Friday the 27th, click here.