Longmont United Hospital hosts Career Day

Many St. Vrain Valley School District students get involved in a community event centered on healthcare.


Anakin Morales-Jimenez, Reporter

On April 26th, the Longmont United Hospital hosted a Career Day for middle school and high school students in the St. Vrain Valley School District who are potentially interested in going into the medical field.

The event began at 7:30 A.M., where students from several schools, including Mead High, gathered in the main entrance lobby, accompanied with The Artwalk Cafe and a grand piano open to anyone who can play it well.

The main lobby of the hospital.

The students were then provided breakfast and seated within the Picasso Room at the hospital, where the coordinators began the event with a welcoming introductory presentation explaining the different aspects of the hospital setting. The coordinators even included a segment in which each student had the opportunity to share their name, the school they attend, and a single slit of information about their interests.

An introductory presentation given by one of the coordinators.

It was not long until students were then introduced to two of the important emergency units: the helicopter and the ambulance. Although students were not permitted to enter or ride the vehicles, the emergency responders provided thorough and meaningful information on what they do, and what they are equipped with.

An inside look at the Flight for Life emergency helicopter.
An inside look of an ambulance.

Even without the chance to really interact with the emergency vehicles, students were given several interaction opportunities with simulations that used advanced emergency devices and dummies that demonstrate different emergency situations. Each station had its own information as to how to respond if the situation was real, and the coordinators highly encouraged 100% participation.

SVVSD students working with a simulational AED dummy.
SVVSD student uses medical device on a premature baby simulation doll.

To close the event by 3 P.M., the hospital provided students some time to discover information on different medical fields through a scavenger hunt. Students were also encouraged to ask further questions if they were interested in the particular fields of medicine.

SVVSD students participate in an informational scavenger hunt regarding the different careers in the medical field.