10 ways to celebrate your mom

This Mother’s Day show your mom how much you care!


Lisa Shields and Nancy Reorda, the moms of two of our editors, pose on vacation.

Paige Reorda and Kelly Shields

Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 13th. Not sure what to do, or what to buy for your Mom? I have a few ideas in mind.

Things to do to show your mom you love her:

  1. Make her breakfast in bed: This is a simple, yet very appreciative way to show love to your mother!
  2. Plan a hike together: Get out and enjoy the fresh air! Head out to a local hiking spot!
  3. Take your mom to the movies: This is a laid-back way to spend time with your mother on her special day.
  4. Take her out for ice cream: A sweet treat is sure to make your mother’s day!
  5. Buy her flowers: Flowers always brighten someone’s day. This is a great way to surprise your mom!
  6. Clean the house: Mothers often time get stressed out trying to keep the house clean; give her a break, and do it yourself.
  7. Edible Arrangements: This is a creative and tasteful idea. Edible Arrangements offers multiple different arrangements of fruits, which can be customized in any way you’d like.
  8. Spa Day: Plan a spa day for your mother. Local drugstores sell all of the spa essentials such as bath bombs, face masks, and essential oils.
  9. Buy her sentimental gifts:  a special necklace, picture frame, or card will easily show her how much she means to you.
  10. Spend Time With Her: you don’t have to spend a lot of money, or go out of your way to show your Mom you love her.