Mead Varsity Softball shuts out Windsor opponents

A Maverick win welcomes in a new season


Marina Goter

Freshman Maddox Boston (#7) prepares to swing as the ball is pitched at the softball game against Windsor on September 11.

Marina Goter, Content Editor

In a turn of events, several innings in, the Mead High Varsity Girls Softball team turned around a seemingly slow-starting game in order to win a complete shutout.

The home game commenced at 4 PM on Wednesday, September 11 on a sunny, 84 degree day.

“We felt like it would be good competition” said sophomore Tayler Brown (#2).

With good spirits going into the game the girls felt confident.

“Before every game, we set a few small goals to accomplish such as limiting our strikeouts and errors. I think we did a good job of getting our bats going, and we accomplished all of our small goals which were most important to us. It feels good to have a win at home” said Dani Garcia (#3).

The pitcher, senior Bailey Nunn (#10), explained that she was confident with the defense behind her, according to team mates.

However, the game started off with a 0-0 tie for 4 innings.

“We didn’t score until a couple of innings in, but then once we started to score, we didn’t let up” added Brown.

Once the girls started scoring, their work as a team only grew stronger as they encouraged and supported one another.

“The team kept [their] composure very well, and we kept our heads in the game the entire time to secure the win” said sophomore Veronica Elsis (#1).

Varsity scored four runs in the fourth inning. Batters that contributed to the big inning included Tayler Brown (#2), Erin Hanafin (#11), Faith Hale (#14), and Savanna Greibling (#9).

“I was super happy that we beat Windsor. They have been one of our top competitors for a long time, but this year we came out and stuck it to them and it felt great” continued Elsis.

“Playing against Windsor was a fun game. For the past two years of being on Varsity, playing against Windsor was a struggle. But now having, a chance to compete and win the game was and is a good start on our next future games,” commented Hanafin.  

“Hitting was easy, fielding was easy, and showing great attitude on and off the field was easy. We played the game like we know how to and made a good day into a great day” she added.