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A poem written by reporter, Allison Muncy

Allison Muncy, Reporter

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I’m Allison
My birthday is February 1 and I’m an Aquarius
But I’m not quite sure what that means  
I’m 5’3
And my hands are small
Every time I compare hands with someone, their lanky fingers tower over mine
And when I compare my feet to others, their feet are like giants compared to mine
But that’s okay
Because everything is proportional to me and my height
Except my heart
Physically, my heart is small
But figuratively I have a huge heart
Full of kindness
And affection for others
I also have ocean deep eyes you could drown in
And short hair that used to be long and blonde
I tend to change my hair a lot
I think it’s because I change myself a lot
I have an obsession with noodles
And I love the color black
And I never would have guessed I’d ever have anxiety
The girl with a heart of gold
The smiley energetic bubbly
Laughing Allison
Has anxiety
It has captured me
Like a bird in a cage
The door to the cage has barely loosened
But the bird still can’t escape
And I don’t like how my feet look unless I’m wearing black socks
And whenever I hear a song I sing it out like no one is listening
And I know when I talk, people can hear me but they don’t acknowledge me
They treat me like some kind of ghost
And I know I’m still trying to find myself
But I am so proud of who I’ve become

About the Writer
Allison Muncy, Poet

Allison Muncy is a junior. She enjoys managing baseball and writing stories and poetry. She likes to make simplistic things deep and meaningful. She also...

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  1. Laura on September 21st, 2018 8:02 pm

    Well written. I love looking into this girls soul a little bit— she seems to be an amazing person. Good writer !!!!!

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