Letter to the editor: School isn’t safe, people aren’t either

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I fear school shootings and death in general. I have siblings that go to school. I doubt anyone would like going to school being scared. School isn’t safe, people aren’t either. I have people that I care for and not just me, everyone else too. Having a fear of school shootings is something we should all take seriously.

Hearing many news stories of school shootings is terrifying because many innocent children and kids are getting killed, by doing nothing- just going to school. The district and everyone else should and have to take note of what’s happening in and outside our school and prevent it from happening.

As a whole district we can change many things. For example, a way to help secure the school is we can put a security system on all school entrances to make sure everyone in school won’t have anything harmful such as weapons, doing a bag check once a week, and it can be any random day as a way to also help keep the school and everyone safe.

Thank you for your consideration,
Xitlaly Corchado Z.


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