Balancing sports and school as a freshman

Freshman athlete outperforms peers and finds success on multiple teams

Cross Country runner Nathan Hoffman, a freshman, has been running since seventh grade and is currently juggling being new to high school, grades, and friends with being a three-sport athlete.

Hoffman’s personal record for cross country is a seventeen minute and thirteen second 5k which is 3.1 miles. This puts him in a position of excelling and holding his pace with the upper class varsity boys.

When asked about how he balances all of his work he said, “I have to skip a lot of practices and I work at home a lot.”

The transition from middle school to high school cross country was not easy. He explained, “In middle school you run the same workout and the same course every day, but in high school you switch it up with a hill day or a speed day or the occasional recovery run.”

Hoffman’s favorite part about running is the competition and trying to make himself better. His main goal is to run in the fifteen minute 5k by his senior year. It is quite the aspiration but is seemingly attainable for the young runner.