Starbooks Coffee is now available in the library

The library opens a coffee cart available to students

The coffee cart in the library is a new addition to Mead High School. On Thursdays at passing periods and lunch, they are selling an assortment of coffee. As stated by the banner in the library, they offer coffee and tea priced at $1.75, hot chocolate for $2.50, and lattes. With the lattes, you can add syrup flavors including caramel, mocha, vanilla, and one called “the MAV,” all for just $3.50. They have given this exciting addition the name “Starbooks Coffee.”

When interviewing assistant librarian, Dainele Mendenhall, she was asked why and how the coffee cart was started. “We wanted to raise some money for the library and we also wanted to get more kids into the library and reading, and everyone loves coffee, so we thought that was a good way to do it. We do have a system where we have tickets and every time someone checks a book out they get a ticket to win a free coffee, so that’s another way we get kiddos to read a little bit more.”

Apparently the idea all started when Mrs. Ayers took a library tour at different high schools in our district. She had seen that Silver Creek offers a coffee cart and she thought that would be a good thing to start at our school. At Silver Creek it’s supposedly a lot different, but it’s the same concept.

Since the coffee cart is so new and it’s only been open on Thursdays so far, it begs the question: Is their business as good as they were expecting? Would they consider opening it more often than just Thursdays? Mrs. Mendenhall answered, “It’s gone pretty well, but one of the problems is I’m the only one that does it. I still have a full time job to do in Communications and it’s time consuming so it’s a little tricky for me to do. I have thought about it, so that might be coming. We’ll see.”

If you haven’t checked out Starbooks Coffee, you should definitely give it a try. Mrs. Mendenhall has put a lot of hard work into running the coffee cart and actively trying to get students to read more as well. You never know, while you’re there, you may find a book that interests you.

Now you can skip the drive to Starbucks and get your coffee at school!