The Movement of Bravery

A poem written by poet, Brenna Cummiskey

The flag waves with wrinkles full of glimmering color

The color that once was born in the mind of a great man

A man who birthed America and made moral ideals come to life




All of the founding fathers eyes glistened as they gazed over the new constitution they created

This was the birth of America’s values

This was the birth of greatness

This is what began our fight to make the country so bright, so beautiful and free from interference


This movement

This bravery

It became a movement

A movement of military

The Navy

The Air Force

The Army

The Coastguard

The United States Marine Corps


They all know how to protect

How to stomp their feet in the dirt and push on

They know how to train their mind to be conditioned


When they feel a sense of hopelessness, the comradeship of the team will push them farther

They break through the endless amounts of barriers not only because it’s their duty, but because they consciously choose to do the right act


Writing letters to their family in the small slivers of time they have

Stroking the thick black ink across the paper telling their family the love they have for them

Reassuring them that everything is going to be okay


Life tends to be an act of service and infinities


Infinitely pushing to become better individuals

But no one is educated about his phenomenon more than those who serve

Becoming better people by the day

Reflecting each day on what they can do to achieve greater things

Going through practice in repetitive cycles to master their practice, their art


We all need to recognize these incredible individuals

We need to truly appreciate their strengths as well as their weaknesses

And come together as one to keep building this world into something we are proud to inhabit