Drip, Drop, Ripple, Splash

A poem written by poet Brenna Cummiskey


Brenna Cummiskey, Poet

Drip, drop, ripple, splash

It’s raining hard outside

Soft, wet ripples running down your window

The sky as fluffy and gray as your grandma’s cat

The soil begins to moisten, the grass begins to rise with enthusiasm

It begins to glisten in a green hue revealing its neon reflection shining against the clouds

This burst of energy flows through you

You light up with fire

And you’re destined to counter the fire with the rain

You throw on your favorite tennis shoes

Then your favorite hoodie

Leash up your puppies

And all run out the door

You run so fast you feel like you’re flying a foot above the payment

Almost as if the raindrops are lifting you into the sky

With their magical molecules nourishing mother nature’s plants

You run into the football field

The puppies are unleashed

They bolt away with their bright pink tongues swaying back and forth catching every raindrop they can as they sprint

You throw your shoes twelve feet away

You remove my jacket and you start sprinting with them

Chasing them one by one until they are captured

Your socks are covered in mud

The dead grass woven in your red strands of hair

But who cares

You fall on my back laughing and both of the puppies come running after you

They leap onto your stomach licking all of the rain and mud off of your face


This is Living