Get ready, finals are quickly approaching

Don’t wait last minute to begin studying for finals, start now!

After a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving Break, it’s time to start buckling down on our missing work and preparing for finals! The school-wide deadline for late work is Friday, December 14. This means teachers have to accept your work, no matter how late it is, until 3:00 PM on this date. It’s important to take advantage of class time between now and then to be sure you won’t have to be scrambling last minute to get it all done.

After the late work deadline, we will have four more days, including Saturday and Sunday, until finals begin. However, you shouldn’t wait to start studying; studying for eight classes, four days straight, then taking your finals for 3 days straight after that would just be nothing short of exhausting.  Finals begin on Tuesday, December 18 and the school day is from 7:15-12:15, a bit shorter than our typical day. On Wednesday 12/19, the schedule is the same. Thursday, December 20, is the last day of finals, with an even shorter school day from 7:15-10:30.

Just like the end of every semester, we will be testing for A1, A2, and A3 on the first day of finals; B5, B6, and B7 for the second day; and A4 and B8 on the third and last day of finals.

Although it may seem stressful having so many tests over the span of three days, they’re  really just regular tests, not the SAT or anything you have to worry about too much. Plus, if you turn in all of your missing work, your grade can’t drop too much if you bomb the final. Study just enough and get a good amount of sleep and you’ll do fine. Next up, Winter Break!