Jarom Diaz

The Giant

A poem written by Reporter Allison Muncy

A green, huge, ugly giant sees me and he picks me up by the back of the shirt

I start to scream and kick but I stop after I realize that I cannot change this situation

I do not want this to happen

But it already is

So I stop fighting him


He puts me in the palm of his furry hand and I watch in horror as his fingers close around me and darkness encompasses me

but there is a small sliver of light coming in from between his fingers


Once my eyes adjust, I can see his dark green fur

I hate the color green


I’ve been here before, but I’m still not used to it


I hear the muffled conversations happening outside from inside the giant’s hand

There are people laughing and talking and having a great time

It seems like the giant is having a party where I wasn’t invited

or I was invited but I didn’t fit in

Or didn’t belong


No one asks what’s in the palm of his hand

They don’t notice

Or care


I feel the tiny movements he makes like when he switches the weight in his feet

Or when he breathes


He stays in one spot

And doesn’t move

I feel alone

the darkness is intimidating

And I feel worthless and unwanted


I sit down in the palm of this giant’s hand since I can’t go anywhere

I pull my knees to my chest and put my hands around my legs and put my head in between my knees and I close my eyes

I want to scream

But I can’t


I breathe heavily

I think a lot

I listen to the conversations and I feel uncomfortable

I just want to go back to the safety of my home

I just want to leave


Run as far as I can from this place

But I am trapped

So what am I supposed to do?

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