What truly matters in life?

A poem written by poet Brenna Cummiskey


What matters in life?

Is it your job?

Your home?

Your spouse?


Paying your bills and driving to work everyday?

Graduating college with a degree in hand?

Acing all of your tests?

Making sure your lawn is kept?

Is it making fun of people, picking apart their morals?

Harming others in your path to get to the top at work?

Using people to get what you want?







What truly matters in life?

Is it the look your dog gives you as he/she falls asleep?

Is it the feeling of our toes embedded in the earth?

Is it listening to music so beautiful that it’s harmony flows through your veins?

Is it hugging your brother knowing you are protected and loved?

Is is calling your mom for hours on end expressing nothing but love and gratitude?

Is is driving on an empty highway with stars in the sky?

Is it running to the top of a hill?

Is it buying flowers for your neighbor?

Is it telling someone they look amazing today?

Is it being respectful to everyone you meet?

Is it doing something that seems absolutely crazy but so freaking right inside your heart?

Is it taking your friend to a movie?

Is it playing ukulele on the beach?

Is it smiling when you seem there is nothing else worth smiling for?


Let me repeat the question, what truly matters in YOUR life?


It can be considered a trick question.

But the answer is right in front of you.

Look a little deeper and question everything in your path…