The Couch

A poem by reporter Allison Muncy

Everything started with that couch

The sage green couch that sits in your living room

Or as your family calls it, the TV room

That’s where we hung out for the first time after we ate those awful tamales

I didn’t want to tell you because I wanted to make a good appearance

I wanted you to like me

But you hated them too; you threw them away

And we watched the live action movie of Tarzan

I don’t remember the movie because I was so excited I was with you after all these years

I remember it was bad

But I didn’t care

I left at 9


We made this a weekly thing

Every Friday

At 6

We never missed a week

During our freshman year

I would lie down at one end of the couch

And you the other

A huge pillow separated us

We would watch a Marvel movie

Every Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America movie

Guardians of the Galaxy, 1 and 2

Every Avengers movie

And sometimes I’d fall asleep

During the action scenes

This happened for months

Until we ran out of movies to watch


And now

We come home after the St. Vrain Walk

A yearly thing now

We eat cold hash browns and eggs with ketchup

At the table

And watch the newest Austin McConnell video

Because I know you’d love it

And we laugh so hard

And we migrate to the couch afterword

Where we are so close

We are so comfortable now with each other

And we watch “Friends”

The show you hate but you watch it for me

I am as tired as could be

And you play a video game with racing cars

And you buy a new car and paint it a bright yellow

Because of me

Because that’s the color I am

Because, to you, I am always happy

Even when I don’t feel happy

Or when I don’t feel like myself

I leave at 9

But I could stay here all night

With you

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