The life of a Maverick Dancer is different than what you may think

Being a dancer takes hard work, dedication, and practice


Years of training, hours of practice, and a lot of dedication go into being a great dancer. While performing, dancers not only have to think about choreography but a million other things as well.

Although everyone on the team has different experiences and are at different levels of dance, they can all learn and grow together.

Outside of school, the girls are involved in much team bonding and spend lots of time together. One of the first things the girls do as a team at the beginning of the season is a team sleepover held at their coach’s, Jamie John, house. During this time the girls play games and make things for their upcoming camp.

At the beginning of the season a Captain, Co Captain, and officer were chosen by the girls to lead the team.  Sophia McElroy was chosen for captain, Lexi John for Co-Captain, and Savannah Adams for Officer.

Practice for the girls originally started after tryouts in the summer on Saturdays from 8:00-10:00 A.M. This gives the girls months to get started on technique as well as their dance for camp.  

These dancers practice every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, from 2:30-4:30 P.M., and any other additional practices added by the coach.

Most of the time, the dancers are unsure where they will be practicing that day. The girls used to practice in the cafeteria but the concrete floor was causing many injuries for the dancers. The girls now practice in the band room which is much better then the cafeteria, but not ideal.

On the days that the band has to rehearse, the girls are left with nowhere to practice other then the commons, which have yet to be cleaned when practice takes place.  

Once the team finds a place to practice, they will start practice by warming up. This includes stretching, cardio, abs, and arms. This process usually takes about 15-20 minutes. The rest of their practice is dedicated to preparing for their next performance. Depending on the time of year, this performance could be a football game, basketball game, or competition.

The dances for any of these events could take a week to learn or months to perfect.

On a game day, the Maverick dancers will wear an outfit as a team to school chosen either by their Team Captain or coach. Right after school, the girls will have practice to do some last minute corrections and preparations for the game later that day.

This practice is about an hour and a half or two hours after school. The girls will then go home to recharge and get ready for their performance. This includes packing everything needed for the game, getting warmed up, and having hair and makeup done. Depending on the outfit and hair dedicated to the dance, it usually takes about 2 hours to be ready to go.

Game days are very exciting for the girls because, after weeks of rehearsals and dedication, they get to perform in front of friends, family, and members of the community.

At any game, both football and basketball, the girls watch and support the players through their games as well as perform at halftime.

Competition days are another story. Depending on the dancers performance time, they will arrive an hour prior to their performance time in order to gather as a team, warm-up, and practice for the performance. On a competition day, everything has to be almost perfect, especially their hair, makeup and uniforms. This takes about two hours to get everything in order and head to the competition.

As the girls prepare themselves to step onto the stage, they come together as a team to say a prayer and do a team chant to get the energy flowing as a team.

If the dance goes as practiced, the girls feel successful. It all comes down to technique and points.

Depending on when the scores and places are announced, the girls sit and watch other schools perform and hang out as a team. After the dancers find out their placement, they are free to go home.

As the season is coming to an end, the girls have not only gotten closer as a team but personally closer as friends. The team is grateful for all of the support and opportunities they’ve gotten.

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  • The dancers participating in the parade

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