Just around the corner

A poem written by poet Brenna Cummiskey


I used to think that being home alone was something to be excited about

I used to think that it was a chance to prove my responsibility

I used to think that it was a chance to improve on my ‘adult’ skills

But it turns out that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows

Being home alone is tough

Tough on the mind and spirit

My emotional health falls deep

My happiness begins to dwindle as the loneliness hits me like a rock

Taking care of this large empty house makes me think back to times when the house was always warm and glimmered with streaks of sunlight peeking through the shades

A time where my mom would play Polly Pockets with me in the dining room and help me design my LEGO houses

A time where goldfish and American cheese was my favorite snack

A time when there was always something baking in the oven

A time where my bedroom floor was covered in toys from endless hours of creative story making

But mom is no longer there…

My caregivers are vacant, shutting the door without looking back

My brother is gone

It’s me now

Just me


I miss that warm house

That kind of environment

I miss being cared for

I am the only one that I can depend on now

My adulthood is creeping in on its tiptoes

Tapping on my shoulder asking, “Are you ready to jump?”

The days of wandering these hallways are coming to an end

The realization of graduating in four months aches my body and I can feel my childhood slipping away from my fingers like a stick of butter

What now?