Violinist Mark Wood rocks out with Mead Orchestra

Wood has worked with artists such as Kanye West and Celine Dion


Mark Wood embraced his inner rockstar all night, as he flipped his hair and paraded around the stage for the audience.

Aiden Owen, Photography Editor

Mark Wood, a rock violinist and ‘Disruptor’, came to Mead to work with the orchestra and hold a fundraiser concert on Tuesday, January 29th.

Wood spent the afternoon working with the orchestra before taking the stage that night.

Aiden Owen
Mark Wood waits, silhouetted, to come on stage, while Katarina Schmitt, orchestra teacher, greets the audience.

This concert was not like a traditional orchestra concert. The audience was clapping along and cheering, at the request of Wood.

Wood performed selections from The Beatles, The Police, and several of his own compositions, including a piece titled “Fire ‘n Ice” and a piece compiling several rock and pop songs from the early 20th century to modern time.

Aiden Owen
Mark Wood gives me a rock star stare while playing a song

The orchestra was not just Mead High’s orchestra, however. Orchestra students from both Coal Ridge Middle School and Mead Middle School joined the high schoolers on stage for the final piece.

Aiden Owen
Students from all three schools shared the stage with Wood

Before the final piece was played, a raffle for a Wood Violins Stingray SVX5 signed by Mark Wood himself took place. Levi Strong, a freshman, won the violin, worth “a million dollars” in Wood’s own words.

Aiden Owen
Mark Wood signs the violin to be given away

The final piece to be played was an orchestral arrangement of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, featuring Mark Wood and students from all three schools.

Aiden Owen
Wood engages with the other violinists during Viva La Vida

After the concert Wood stayed behind to sign autographs and take photos with the concert attendees.

A fan gets his forehead signed after the concert

This concert was a fundraiser for the orchestra to offset, the “per-student cost for the two trips [the orchestra is] taking in May to play in music festivals,” according to Katarina Schmitt, the orchestra director.

“Well, after expenses,” said Schmitt, “we did not end up coming out ahead, but the experience was so worth it.”