Try to Care

A poem written by poet Brenna Cummiskey


Try to care

Remember the winter days when your windows would become frosty?

Creating a blank canvas for you to graze your finger making an erasing picture


Remember the days where there would be five feet of blanketing snow covering the whole town

When you and your siblings would run and faceplant into the soft sleet flapping your arms back and forth

Remember the days where you would have never ending snowball fights

Trudging through the powder beneath you without feeling cold at all

Because what you remember most about those moments is not the sheer shiver of the ice below your feet

But the peacefulness in your heart knowing that you are safe, living on a planet that wants you to be here


Try to care

Remember the summer days where the little crawly lady bugs climbed up the branch

Marching in unison, enjoying the sunshine glistening on their spotted backs

Remember the days

Where you would swing on a rope and splash into the lake below

Plummeting deep down

With the serenity overtaking your body for those transient few seconds

Remember when you would pile three kids onto one skateboard back to back and roll down the street

Screaming with bursts of laughter

Swaying your heads back and forth with a smile so big it encompasses your whole form


Try to Care


The future is becoming ever more dangerous

Weather is presenting itself on the extremes


And some day, kids may not be able to experience the sheer joy of going outside


Of building snowmen

Swimming in a lake…


Try to Care


About this world

About the childhood you experienced


This world is on fire

Natural Disasters are becoming ever more prevalent

Climate Change is taking its toll on our planet

The fish are hovering under the remaining reefs

The Arctic is being thrown inside an oven


Nothing can survive under oil

Under a broken ozone layer

Forests can not easily recreate themselves

Species cannot come back from extinction


Try to Care

Selfishness is the combatant of change


If not for you

Care for the future of this planet

Care for the future of your children

The future of many generations

Care for the millions of species that need your help


Instead of focusing on how to escape

Fleeing from our own planet

Why don’t we focus on prevention and healing of what we already have


Try to Care


Try to Care


Try to Care