Science classes at Mead are changing for sophomores

Be aware of how these changes could affect your schedule


Mead High School is changing its structure for science class recommendations. This change is coming next year! So when registering for classes and meeting with your counselor, talk about and be aware of how that might change your schedule.  

Underclassmen, you now have an array of science classes you can take if you are not ready for chemistry or if chemistry is not the right science class for you. Your current science teacher will make the recommendation for where you go next. It should already be in your Infinite Campus for you.

The progression of science classes is in the 2019-2020 course description book at this time, so if you have any clarifying questions about your future science courses, make an appointment to speak with your counselor or your current science teacher.

Incoming freshman will be taking Biology or Honors Biology. From there is where science classes are changing. You could take Forensic science, Geology, or Chemistry.