Aiden Owen


A poem written by poet Allison Muncy

Your supposed to be happy when the sun shines


Summer is the season of smiles and laughter

No school

No homework

Staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning

Or not sleeping at all some nights

And sleeping in until noon


It’s freedom everyday for 2 months

Summer is the time of hanging out with your friends

Swimming on a day where, when you get out of the pool,  the rays of sun beat down on you and you dry almost instantly

Staying out until 9 because the sun hasn’t set yet

Shopping with your friends and wasting all of your money

Watching colorful fireworks on the 4th of July with your significant other

Driving nowhere

Going to parties,maybe


But for me

Summer is the time of loneliness

It’s the time when my anxiety is worse

It’s the time when I want to close all the curtains and lie in my bed even though the sun shines through

The sun is telling me to go outside

Have fun in its warmth

But my body is saying no


I think my seasonal affective disorder is switched

Because the sun makes the sadness worse

And I love when the clouds cover the sky

At least the weather knows how I feel

Because the clouds are so close to the point of exploding

That when they do

It pours

And it doesn’t last long

But the clouds stay

All day

Until the sun forces itself to shine the next day

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