Comparing classes: How Mead differs from Frederick

Courses are different at every school, so we explore how Mead differs from Frederick.


Following spring break, students will be allowed to return to a four-day week instead of remaining in hybrid instruction if they choose.

At Mead High School, there are tremendous amount of options for courses as well as electives, but the courses and electives at Frederick High School are fairly diverse. Most of the classes are the same, but each school offers something that the other does not.

At Frederick, there are basic courses like English, History, Science, and Math, but there are also some courses that you wouldn’t usually expect. For starters, you could take a regular English class, or you could take English electives like Mythology, Creative Writing, Debate/Forensics, and many more.

Social studies and Math have more similarities; both schools offer courses like AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government & Politics, Algebra, and Pre-Calc with Trigonometry. The course-books are nearly identical, except Frederick offers a Pre-Algebra class for freshmen, while Mead does not.

There are many differences when it comes to languages at both schools. Mead High School comes with plenty of options in foreign languages, like French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Spanish for Spanish-Speakers, and A.P. Spanish. As for Frederick High School, they have the basics including Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

One thing these schools have in common is an emphasis on Science, but they do it in different ways. Mead has the Energy Program, and Frederick has the Bio-Med program. In Bio-Med, they learn about medical things, like bones, muscles, and everything in the human body. The Energy Program at MHS goes more into depth about energy-related topics. Students in that class will be taught career interests such as engineering, welding, field tangential, law, policy, or marketing.

At Mead High School, we have varieties of options for music, like A-cappella Jazz Choir, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra, and  many more. At Frederick High School, they have classes like Select Choir and Music Around the World. Frederick High School also has a dance class, which Mead doesn’t. 

At both schools, they have C.D.C. (Career Development Center) options which is in Longmont. C.D.C. gives students abilities for employment by teaching them many job skills, thinking, and teamwork. This program also offers students opportunities to participate in career and tech education. The schools also provide a bus to and from schools.

Overall, Mead High School and Frederick High School are unique in many ways.