Where are they going?: Misha Kline

Misha Kline shares her post high school plans

On May 26, 2018, the seniors of Mead High School will be walking out these doors for good and embarking on their life path. But as to where everyone is going is quite diverse in regards to different career interests, educational institutions, and, of course, passions. One special student that is diving deep into her artistic passion is Misha Kline who plans to attend Brigham Young University this upcoming fall to major in animation.

She was accepted into Brigham Young University on February 18 and, when asked about why Kline was taking this route, she stated, “This has been the school of my dreams since childhood and it’s the school where my parents fell in love.” She plans to attend the school of animation and she hasn’t decided which clubs she wants to try out yet.

Once graduated from Brigham Young University, She plans on working for Pixar and plans to live on the sunny East Coast.

Kline stated, “I am so grateful for all of my teachers, especially Mrs. Thomas for pushing me in my artistic abilities and making me grow and experiment within different mediums.” Kline’s choices in high school have definitely made her into the artistic and intelligent student she is today.

“I am excited for a new opportunity and to take a new direction with my life!”

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