Aiden Owen


A poem by poet Allison Muncy

I want to get away from this chaotic world

The stress

The mental health

The noise

Oh there’s so much noise


I just want to sink to the bottom of a pool

I just want to sit there

And watch the water ripple above me

And the sun reflect off the water

I want to close my eyes

And forget about the world for a moment

Listen to the silence

The silence I have been waiting for all my life

Be truly alone for once

Maybe bring a book with me

Because nothing will be destroyed under here

With me


Until I run out of breath

And I panic

I swim frantically to the top

And resurface

I gasp

Everything is ruined

The book

My clothes

The peace


I look around

I forgot I came to a party

I don’t remember who invited me

I just know people wanted me here

A song is playing that I don’t know

The people are loud

Having conversations

And laughing

No one noticed I was gone

I hear someone yell my name

I look in their direction

My friend is standing there

I get out of the pool

Hair dripping

Clothes soaking me to the bone

The smell of chlorine surrounding me

You can’t escape the world forever

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