Grace Angus poses for a senior photo.

Where are they going?: Grace Angus

Grace Angus shares her plans to become a dental hygienist

Graduation is less than two months away, and the next long break from school is summer! One special student that knows where her path lies is Grace Angus. Angus plans on attending BYU Idaho in January 2020. She states, “I want to be a dental hygienist, but I have to get prerequisites first, so I will be going to BYU and do general studies until I go to dental hygiene school.”

In regards to her feelings about adulthood, she says, “I’m feeling nervous and excited because I will be living on my own, and I will have to do things without the help of my parents.” Angus also looks forward to being able to read her own choice of books rather than what she is required to read for class.

Reflecting on her high school memories, Angus laughs, saying, “I liked art class when I was a sophomore. When I was a freshman in English, my friend Blake shoved cocoa puffs up Ben’s nose and our English teacher made us write about it!”

After Dental Hygiene school, Angus plans on coming back to Colorado, building a family, and exploring more of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Additionally, she says that the biggest thing on her bucket list is traveling around Europe, specifically backpacking through remote locations.

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