Our district’s reputation for disallowing snow days receives harsh social media feedback

Community members voice opinions via Twitter sharing reactions to SVVSD pushing back decision to allow snow day


Ulyana Pyrlik

A photograph of Mead High’s parking lot this cold morning.

St. Vrain community members have taken to Twitter to point out that St. Vrain Valley Schools District’s reputation for not giving snow days to students is, to some, well-earned.

School today has continued despite the weather, and some students are not having it. Some students, parents, and even staff are frustrated with Don Haddad, the superintendent of the St. Vrain Valley School District, for recent district decisions to keep schools open on a regular schedule.

Mead student Gretzky Gilman, for example, posted a photo of his car on the side of the road with the caption, “This is why DON, This is why everyone is angry. That’s my car.”

District officials released a statement that read, “Regardless of our decision, if you feel weather conditions in your specific area are not safe for your student to attend school, please contact your school’s attendance clerk to obtain an excused absence for your student.”

Community members have pointed out the discrepancies in the cancellation policy. User casu_marzuu had this to say about the decision: “Can we just not risk anyone lives and have a snow day?”

Some members appear extremely upset about the lack of snow day said, “I for one will be outraged if @SVVSD endangers the lives of its students ONE MORE TIME. This season has been particularly horrendous and @SVVSD has neglected to recognize that. Sixteen-year-old drivers are not equipped with the experience to be driving on ice ALL the way to class.”

Although complaints appear to run aplenty on Twitter, other students disagree. Junior Aiden Owen said, “Even though the roads were bad, we’ve had worse.”