The 2019 Prom Assembly kicked off a strong start to this season’s Prom

With fun dances, dress-up, and badminton, the Annual Prom Assembly entertained and energized students once more

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  • The 2019 Prom Royalty Left to right: Misha Kline, Ryan Yancey, Taylor Carinder, Kellen Kudrna, Sara Cloke, Will Oster, Madeleine Hall, Devon Edwards, Maddie Muntz, Nick Jacobs Omitted: Will Maher, Sydney Bell

  • The Cheer Team catches their flier as she comes down

  • Ryan Yancey models his outfit picked out by Misha Kline

  • KJ Jacobs, Nick Jacobs, Trey Ward, and Preston Hall compete in the 2019 Badminton for Heart Championship game

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The 2019 Prom Assembly started off with a bang as the MHS drumline led the student body into the gym. Students bustled and chattered with excitement as they filed in and sat in their assigned sections, eagerly awaiting the assembly’s beginning.

The assembly was led by MC’s Jay Olson, senior, and William Maher, junior, who warmly welcomed the students to the Prom Assembly. Olson began by encouraging the students to stand if they were wearing spirit wear for Spirit Week’s Far Out Friday and Maher acknowledged Mr. Lemons and the band.

Following a reminder of Prom and After Prom’s start and end times, Maher welcomed the senior boys known as the “Manly Mavs.”

The Manly Mavs, comprised of Brennen DiBella, Easton Willyard, Jax Wilke, Jay Olson, Preston Hall, Scott Harton, Tucker Jones, Tanner Leise, Brooks Upham, and Wyatt Sears, performed a stunning (and highly amusing, based on the cheers and laughter from the audience) dance routine to a medley of songs. Tear-off shirts and shorts went flying to reveal a collage of ridiculous clothes that made the audience laugh harder. Everyone, including the dancers, seemed to enjoy themselves greatly.  

Following the performance from the Manly Mavs, the 2019 Prom Royalty was announced.

Junior Royalty was comprised of Maddie Muntz and Nick Jacobs, Madeleine Hall and Devon Edwards, and Sydney Bell (who unfortunately could not make the assembly) and Will Maher.

Senior Royalty was comprised of Sara Cloke and Will Oster, Taylor Carinder and Kellen Kudrna, and Misha Kline and Ryan Yancey.

Following their announcement, the Prom Royalty retreated in order to prepare for the highly anticipated games that take place at every dance assembly.

While the Royalty prepared, Mead High’s Cheer and Dance teams took the floor.

The Cheer Team, comprised of 9 cheerleaders for this performance, performed their synchronized and peppy routine to the Jonas Brother’s song “Sucker”, inciting cheers of all kinds.

The Dance Team, comprised of 7 dance members, performed their energized routine to a medley of songs called “Sports Mix” which included songs like Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”. Both teams did beautifully as they added to the excitement of the Prom Assembly.

Finally, the first game, “Dress Up Your Date,” was ready. The Royalty were divided into couples and tasked to dress their date for Prom using the items in provided boxes in one minute. The winner would receive a Chick-fil-a gift card. Mr. Steve Parsons stood in as a replacement for Bell, who was supposed to be Maher’s partner. Edwards and Hall won for the junior class and Yancey and Kline won for the senior class. Overall, Yancey and Kline took first place and the prize and Edwards and Hall took second place.

Following the game, the school was delighted by a surprise return of Officer Ish, last year’s Student Resource Officer, for a talk about Prom safety. He reminded the student body to not drink and drive tomorrow night and that they all have choices in what they do. He had the students make a pact to “be safe” and “return to school…Monday safe and sound.” He encouraged them to call someone should they find themselves in a tough situation. Finishing his speech, he left them with one final thought: “Doing the right thing is hard, but always find a way to do the right thing. Have fun out there and be safe.”

As he left the floor, the second game began. But, instead of it being a Royalty game, it was actually the championship game of the 2019 “Badminton for Heart Tournament”. The game wasn’t able to happen before, so the game took place at the assembly. KJ Jacobs and Nick Jacobs took on Preston Hall and Trey Ward. The Jacobs brothers took home the prize, winning 15-6.

The two brothers then had to play against each other in order to name the best badminton player in the school. It was an exciting game, with both brothers sliding all over the floor to make incredible saves. An onlooker, Xavier Galyardt, commented that Nick Jacobs “slid like a penguin” for one save.

The game came to a close with KJ Jacobs winning 9-5. Once more, it was an exciting performance that had the crowd on the edge of their seats.

To close the assembly, Mrs. Racheal Ayers, our principal, took the floor to reiterate that it is important to be safe at Prom and to remind students that they can say “no” to anything they don’t want to do. She especially pointed out that it is okay to say, “No to drugs and alcohol; no to relationships you don’t want; no to drunk driving.”

“We want you to be safe, and we want you to have fun because that’s what this weekend is about,” she said before closing the assembly and releasing the student body.

Prom is tomorrow, Saturday April 13, from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm and After Prom will take place from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am. You must be in the doors of Prom by 9:00 pm and After prom by 12:30 am in order to be admitted into the building.

The theme is “A Night Under the Stars.” Student council has sold an estimated number of 400 tickets, according to Student Council member Will Oster, and everyone seems to be excited.

Olson commented, “I’m stoked for Prom. It’s my senior year and I’m looking forward to going all out with the people I started with. I have high hopes.”

We at The Mav hope you all have a wonderful Prom and enjoy all the night has to offer. Stay safe and have fun!