Where are they going?: Angie Bustillos

Angie Bustillos shares her big plans for the future.

With graduation creeping closer and closer, all of the Mead High School seniors are anxiously awaited their final day. One particular student who is planning on filling her schedule is Angie Bustillos. She plans on attending the University of Denver as a member of the Pioneer Leadership Program and part of the honors program.

Bustillos plans on double majoring in Political Science and International Affairs with a Pre-Legal track with minors in Leadership, Linguistics, Music, and Russian. Along with balancing her course load, she plans to continue playing tennis and has a selected living space within the Pioneer Leadership Program.

Traveling is also a huge aspect of Bustillos’ checklist. She said, “I’m really looking forward to studying abroad in China and Russia.” She said that she chose these countries because, “I’m studying international affairs, so I wanted to choose countries that we are struggling most with in regards to diplomacy.”

Bustillos says she feels, “mostly excited, things are coming to a wrap in high school and I feel propelled to move onto the next chapter.” One of her favorite memories during her high school career was attending the Youth Leadership summit where she was able to see the Facebook headquarters and create a plan for the betterment of Colorado communities.

“I want to encourage others to continue to work hard because it always pays off in the end.”

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