The Man on the Train

A poem by poet Allison Muncy

There was a man once

His wife had left him years ago

His children were all grown up

With families of their own

They never called him

Never showed up for holidays

Or his birthday  


He lived alone in a small apartment in Denver

He never cleaned it

Trash littered the place

A half eaten pizza on his dinner table

Cups and bottles everywhere

Clothes on the floor

The air inside of it was gray

He didn’t have any friends

He got drunk every night at the closest bar

Just to feel something

But when he got home

He felt so empty

So alone

He had no one

He let his hair grow out to his waist

His ex-wife hated when his hair was long

He never took care of it

Because no one takes care of him


One night he had to get out of Denver

Outside of the confinement of his small apartment

He didn’t have a car

So he took the Light Rail somewhere he’d never been before

He wasn’t sure where he was going

Just anywhere he and his wife hadn’t been  


He needed to forget for a night

Other than getting drunk  

He called everyone he knew

Hoping someone would answer

He paced around in the train

No one picked up

He hung his head in disappointment

He just wanted one person who would take him in

Who’d listen

Who’d care

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