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Mr. Andrew Steitz has been teaching at Mead High School for two years.

Teacher Features: Mr. Steitz

Students agree that Mr. Steitz is an excellent teacher, so we thought we'd introduce an inside look into his life

If there ever was a teacher you wanted to be best friends with, it’s probably Mr. Andrew Steitz. Mr. Steitz is a social studies teacher and you can find his room in the D-wing. If you don’t know him you might see him as just a history teacher, but there is a little background about him that proves this is not true.

Before Mr. Steitz started teaching, he went to UNC. He studied history and had a minor in Spanish, but he mastered in CLD (culturally and linguistically diverse). When he started teaching, Mr. Steitz taught at North Ridge High School in Greeley, and he has been teaching for seven years.

The reason why he likes teaching so much is that he enjoys when students get really excited about history just like he does.“Students are unique anywhere, so the students here make Mead the place it is,” he comments.

As a history teacher, Mr. Steitz favors Jimmy Carter. He says, “[Carter] was very idealistic and wasn’t afraid of pushing things that weren’t right.”

Home life for Mr. Steitz is pretty great, where he spends a lot of time with his wife and gets out for fresh air. He likes to run, hike, and when he isn’t doing all of that stuff, he works on grading assignments and getting stuff into infinite campus.

Mr. Steitz grew up with nine siblings, himself being the oldest.

Mr. Steitz tries to make classes as fun as possible, and he makes his presentations interesting and easy to find. He’s a great teacher overall and spends a lot of time trying to give us the education we need.

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