A night at Saint Vrain’s student art show

A perspective piece meant to capture the evening

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As I approach the Boulder County Fairground building on April 18, there are lines and lines of cars filling the dirt lot.

While climbing out of my car, I become closer, and I pass many smiling community members with their families. When I enter through the double doors, I am greeted by community members handing me a paper with a layout of the whole building.

As I make my way to Mead High’s section, I pass many familiar faces as I squeeze through the crowded paths. The familiar energies make the room much more comforting and welcome. When I continue, everything becomes one; it doesn’t feel like different school’s work, it just feels like one big celebration.

As I continue to walk, I can feel the vibe from everyone making the energy in the room friendly, enthusiastic and warm.

As I approach Mead’s section, I see art teachers, Mrs. Jessica Thomas and Mr. Jonathan McHugh, crowded with joyful people.

“This is an awesome turnout,”  explains Mrs. Thomas.

People that I didn’t recognize and didn’t go to our school look amazed by the varieties of the artwork from Mead.

There were many categories in the art show and awards won by Mead, including ceramics, paintings, drawings, pictures and many more.

The district art show winners include:

  • Brooks Upham, senior, for a Digital Photo that also won the Scholastic art and writing award
  • Emmalyn Howard, freshmen, for an Acrylic Painting
  • Jaiden Ursich, junior, for a Scratchboard
  • Lynden Wagner, junior, for a Scratchboard
  • Lydia John, junior, for a Colored Pencil
  • Lydia John, junior, for a Colored Pencil
  • Misha Kline, senior, for an Acrylic on mirror
  • Tori Schleeter, senior, for Clay
  • William Ulloa, senior for a Cut Paper, LED
  • Jay Olsen, senior, for a Colored Pencil
  • Stone Keener, senior for a Ceramic Octopus  
  • Brenna Cummiskey, senior, for a Mixed Media
  • Kaylee Hweih, senior, for a Mixed Media which also won an Excellence in Art award