Mead Girls’ Soccer team holds on to early lead win over Erie

The Lady Mavs are at the end of their season and are looking to finish strong


On April 15, Mead’s girls soccer team took on the seven and one Erie Tigers. This was a big game for the Mead Mavericks, coming in at six and one.

Allie Seery, a sophomore at Mead, speaks on what they expected going into this game saying, “I knew it was going to be a challenge, but we had a tough training session before this game, and that really allowed us to go into the game levelheaded. The game was a challenge, and we were ready.”

The hard work the Mavs have been putting into this season has really been showing.

Head Coach Shane Adler has been a part of this young program for four years and has really stuck by its side. Adler has had faith in this team and that they are showing what they are capable of.

Freshman Haley Williams, who has a total of 18 goals so far has been playing at the top of her game and this is just the start of her high school soccer career.

Williams was the only one to score in the game on April 15. Here’s what she had to say when asked what she believes got the Lady’s past Erie: “I think by just staying calm under pressure and communicating with each other we were able to dominate because we had the support of everyone else on the field.”

Mead had a formidable defense, but Erie had the majority of the possession in the second half. Captain, Sarah Cloke said, “I think the defense played pretty solid, considering we had to hold our 1-0 lead for almost the entire game. There’s still a lot of things we’ve been working on in practice that we wanna see translate to out game, but overall I thought we had a strong back line against Erie, who’s a tough opponent.”

With the win against Erie, the girls have the confidence that they need to finish out this season. The girls have a record of 10-1 (with the recent win against Roosevelt High School on April 22 and the win on April 24 against Loveland High School) and are on track for playoffs if they keep up this level of play, but they still have four games left. Their next game is on April 26 against Wheatridge High School at Mead High School.