Where are they going?: Desiree Mast

Desiree Mast shares her post-graduation plans

The last day of high school for Mead High School seniors is May 15 this year and everyone is anxiously awaiting the final day. Students are deciding their future plans along with how they are going to navigate the new adult world.

Senior Desiree Mast is excited to go out on her own and be more independent in the fast-paced adult world. Mast plans on attending CSU in Fort Collins and majoring in Marketing. “I know that I want to be in business and talking to all of my dad’s friends inspired me. I want to be able to support my family and all of them said that marketing would be the most fun out of all the business categories.” She’s looking forward to making valuable relationships with people through networking and building on projects to support the company that she ends up at.

Guidance and direction have always been important to Mast and she’s thinking about joining a club that supports leadership and women, sort of like the women’s club here at Mead. She’s also interested in the semester at sea program and is considering giving it a go.

Making the transition from high school to the real adult world can be scary for some. Mast said, “I’m excited, it will be hard doing everything in my own but I’m looking forward to being independent. I can’t wait to form my own schedule and pick classes that aren’t every single day. I will have more time to relax and do things that I want.” When older, Mast wants to live in different places, maybe Japan or Europe. She wants to be able to delve into other cultures and eventually come back to Colorado.

Looking back at her high school years, her favorite memories would have to be hanging out with all of her friends at their house on Friday nights. “I just remember a lot of laughter and happiness within the group. My favorite thing is when we just drive to a random town. We will drive up in the mountains and explore, climb rocks and talk to the people that live there.

Mast wants people to remember that you don’t have to make your teacher earn that respect from you and that there should just be mutual respect among everyone you meet. “Respect everyone until they give you a reason not to.”


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