Mead High’s 2019 graduation protocol

What to expect this year in terms of graduation


Ulyana Pyrlik

Seniors will be graduating May 25, 2019

Bella Justice, Reporter

Graduation is always a stressful time, not only for those graduating but also for friends and family. We’re here to give you some details you may not have been aware of before.

Assistant Principal Alain Valette, the administrator in charge of graduation, gave a good description of what graduation will look like this year.

Graduation will be taking place on May 25, 2019. Mr. Valette said, “It’ll be on the football field, as always, but will be at 9 AM rather than 11.” He added that they changed it so it wouldn’t be so hot. “Last year we literally had people fainting from the heat.”

They are also putting the speakers perpendicular and closer to the south end zone (rather than facing the stands).

Mr. Valette also said, “There isn’t a lot of parking, so graduates need to park at the middle school and take the bus to the high school.” Parents will also be able to park there too.

Graduates need to be at the high school by 8 A.M. and senior pictures will follow right after at 8:15. After that, everyone gets organized.

“If it rains, we go into the gym and every graduate only has 4 tickets to give to friends and family, so we don’t run out of space inside.”

“We always ask kids to behave because, this isn’t just for them, it’s also for everyone who comes to watch and support. So we want a nice and positive atmosphere.”

Kids may decorate their caps as long as its school appropriate; However, it can’t be 3D, and the design can’t be bigger than the cap itself.