Posse welcomes Class of 2021!


Class of 2021 poses in the main gym on their first day of school, as Posse leaders prepare them for their high school journey.

Kelly Shields, Editor

New to the Maverick family? Welcome! For new and returning students, the work that Posse leaders do throughout the school year may be unknown, but their efforts to bind each class to the next are clear and begin even before the first day. 

Similar to LINK groups seen in other schools, Posse is a group of students in their junior and senior year led by Mrs. HJ (a very involved teacher), whose primary goal is to unite the incoming freshmen and other new students with current students by showing them what it’s like to be a Maverick.

When asked to describe Posse in one word, Mrs. HJ chose “connections” and explained, “That’s what it’s all about. I think that’s what we as humans need to survive, and I think that’s what 9th graders really need to be successful here; they have to feel connected to people, to the building, and to the community”.

To ensure that connections are made between current and new students, Mrs. HJ organizes two mandatory training days for all Posse members to attend before the school year starts. During these two days, the members work on team-building activities and showcasing what being a Mav looks like to them.

Not only do the Posse members meet before the school year, but they also attend the first day of school for all freshmen and new kids and meet monthly over the course of the school year. On the first day, members lead group activities and give tours of the school in hopes of providing new kids with friendly faces and comfort before they dive into the high school experience.

Throughout the year, members will continue to unite underclassmen with the upperclassmen and pass down their traditions.

As the upperclassmen graduate, they hope their Posse positions will be filled by those that are younger. Martha McCullough, a senior, shares that she joined Posse “because of the impact it had on [her] as a freshman, feeling accepted and welcomed”. She also joined in hopes of improving her leadership skills.

To join Posse or learn more, talk to Mrs. HJ!