Despite being one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Girls’ Hockey receives little to no attention at Mead High School

Our very own sophomore Sarah Maslowski has grown leaps and bounds in the world of Girls' Ice Hockey, but it doesn’t go too far without being a CHSAA sport

Wyett Derr, Writer

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Mead High School students might be surprised that Girls’ Hockey isn’t considered a CHSAA sport, considering how fast the sport is growing. “Women’s hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The evidence of that growth goes beyond the record-setting television audiences for gold medal games,” according to blogger Mike Murphy.

Students may have noticed that we do, in fact, have a Girls’ Hockey player that walks the halls here who has won the High School League State with the Monarch Coyotes and came in third for Nationals. Her name is Sarah Maslowski and she has been playing for 10 years in September.  

“It’s a really hard sport to play, but once you get the hang of it, you can never stop,” says Maslowski.

Throughout Maslowski’s years of playing on a varsity hockey team the one thing she has received is recognition—but nothing beyond that.

In this instance, Maslowski is out on the ice working hard play by play and she feels that hockey deserve more than just recognition.

Maslowski and other hockey players aren’t allowed to just stop playing because they are hurt, their team counts on them to be out on the ice with them, and Maslowski has had some injuries but she is still out there on the ice working her butt off day in and day out.  

According to Maslowski, the only time her team has ever been recognized was when they made it to their first Girls National Championships in 2018. This was the first time a girls’ high school team was invited to Nationals. She made history. Maslowski says, “I wish they would recognize Girls’ Hockey more because it’s such a challenging sport that takes years to get good at. I spend 20-25 hours a week working on hockey and that doesn’t include all the training I do off the ice.”

According to CHSAA, and Mead High School’s Sports Director Chad Eisentrager, the only thing that they can get is “recognized” from the school, for example, if the school tweets about it or puts something on social media. Mead High School only did it once in 2018, but when they went to Nationals this year, nobody knew about it. When they won state last year nobody knew about it. In the state of Colorado, they really made a name for themselves as a Girls’ Hockey team.

According to Chad Eisentrager, a Girls’ Hockey team would have to write a proposal to CHSAA about why they should become a CHSAA sanction sport. Then, after that, if CHSAA accepts their proposal, they would then become a piloting program (play as a “CHSAA” team for X amount of years); furthermore, they’d have to present the team to CHSAA council.

Also, in order for Girls’ Hockey to become a CHSAA sport, they have to have enough “resources/players,” but they don’t tell you exactly how much is required. In order for a team to become a CHSAA sport, they have to go through four different branches of CHSAA to get approved.

There are a number of committees involved as well. Each branch allows the request to move forward.

Maslowski would like to see CHSAA take Girls’ Hockey on, but to make this happen seems to be a long shot.

She is proud of the accomplishments of others (for example, girls who can letter by swimming for another school), but she says she doesn’t feel recognized and would like to one day see Girls’ Hockey as a CHSAA sanction sport.