Posse prepares to welcome new students

Students are preparing for August 13 when they will lead new students and welcome them to Mead


Faith Hale

Posse leaders work hard to make new students feel welcome on their first day.

Mead High School’s Posse is best known for its Freshman Orientation program at the beginning of every school year; however, Posse is much bigger than that. 

Posse is a volunteer group made up of upperclassmen who are all involved in various extracurricular activities and take on leadership roles within their sport or club. 

Many of this year’s Posse members are a part of the National Honor Society, meaning they excel in the classroom and volunteer in the Mead community as well. 

This summer, Posse leaders have volunteered upwards of 13 hours preparing for the new school year. They are expected to give the class of 2023 a warm welcome and a first day that incoming ninth graders will never forget. 

When asked why she joined Posse, junior Samantha Sigman answered, “I want to influence the freshmen because you as a Posse leader leave an imprint.” 

Sigman added, “[We] can leave an imprint on our school, and that’s an important role in my opinion.” 

Another leader, junior Kylie Zanini, added that she “want[s] them [the freshmen] to feel comfortable and welcomed at our school”. She also said that she wants students to take pride in Mead High School.

Sigman also said that her favorite part of Posse thus far has been, “Just being with friends. Although you’re waking up early and coming to school, it doesn’t really feel like school. Mrs. HJ just makes it fun. I’m just really excited to see what’s more to come from Posse throughout the year, not just the first day, you know?”  

If you’re interested in Posse next year, please email Mrs. HJ at [email protected]