Student Council releases information on Homecoming events and merchandise

Dates detailing the days the school store is available and Homecoming have been released. Student council is also looking for students interested in playing our school mascot, Mavro

Student Council has shared with us important dates for the first few months of school.

Homecoming week is September 9 to September 14, and the dance itself is Saturday, September 14. The week will include events such as Ruff Puff and Power Puff, the Car Bash and Bonfire, and one big Homecoming parade. The parade this year will be in partnership with the Sugarbeet Festival and will be taking place on Friday, September 13. 

Because Homecoming is in early September this year, there’s not a whole lot of time to get your Mead spirit gear. However, the school store is open daily. They will sell limited apparel but will have other merchandise available.

The online store will soon be accessible through The first window of accessibility to purchase your gear will close on August 19. Students will have until that night to order their gear through the online company Eastbay. Once the purchase window closes, it will take up to three weeks to get your merchandise.

This will not be the only time to order your gear. Another window will open after Homecoming and one more will open during the holidays. Contact information will be on the school’s website.

Should something go wrong or conflict arise with your order, please do not direct questions to Student Council. They do not handle any of the orders personally. Contact Eastbay instead. 

The school store, located in the hall leading towards F-wing, will open up the second week of school and be open every day after school for 30 minutes. There you can purchase Gatorade, candy, stickers, and some apparel. They do not accept credit or debit cards and all purchases will be completed with cash only. 

Student Council is looking for kids interested in being the school’s mascot Mavro this year. Please visit Mrs. Chastain in her room D131 on August 16 if you are interested. Don’t worry! Your identity will not be shared with anyone.