Mead says goodbye to its campus supervisor, David Morales

The beloved campus supervisor leaves to seek opportunities in teaching.


Campus supervisor David Morales poses with his going away cake, accurately scripted with “We’ll miss you.”

David Morales is leaving Mead High. 

The longtime campus supervisor has decided to work in Adams County District 14 after a recent move into the area, along with the district’s offer to pay for higher education.

For now, David will also be a campus supervisor in Adams County, but, with the district paying for schooling, he hopes to “go up the food chain a little bit”.

“I want to teach,” he said. “I’m going after maybe becoming an ELL [English Language Learner] teacher.” He hopes that, should he return to Mead High or any school in our district, he’ll be a teacher then.

“I want [students] to know that just because you’re in one place, that doesn’t mean you have to be there all the time. There’s always room to grow, no matter where you go.”

Fellow campus supervisor Penni Anderson was sad to see David leave but happy for him to continue his journey. This was a sentiment echoed by Mr. Click, a science teacher, who noted that he has “one of the biggest hearts you’ll ever see”, and “he’d run through brick walls for our kids”.

Mrs. Krack, another science teacher, lamented the loss of his ability to connect with any and all students, something Mr. Click agreed with, saying that talking with him was one of the few things students visited the office for. 

Whether you’ve known David for years or just a few days, his impact is felt throughout Mead High, and he is sure to be missed.