Mead High School welcomes new administration and a new Student Resource Officer

Students and faculty welcome new staff

Marina Goter

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As an Assistant Principal and the Dean of Students left Mead High School, Mead is happy to welcome Kristine Keel, the new Assistant Principal for A-E, Ronnie Maynes, the new Dean of Students for M-R, and Officer Carrie Barela, Mead’s temporary Student Resource Officer (SRO), to the staff.

Mrs. Keel was drawn to Mead High by St. Vrain Valley School District’s reputation. “My goal certainly was to get into St. Vrain… I was very intrigued by the energy academy; that was definitely one of the things that interested me about Mead High School,” explained Keel.

Before Mead, Mrs. Keel was in Austin, Texas as an Assistant Principal at a middle school and taught AP Biology, forensic science, and advanced biotechnology at a high school in the Austin area.

“I bring good experience from both [middle school and high school] and I think this is going to be the perfect marriage,” added Mrs. Keel.

This school year, her goals are to learn about all of the students, not just academically but personally as well. “I want to learn the St. Vrain systems and get to know my kids and get to know them on a level that is not only disciplinary, but I am interested in what their goals are and what they’re interested in.” 

She is looking forward to “just getting started”. She hasn’t been in the Longmont area for long and is excited to explore and learn more about the area. “I’m anxious to get started and embed myself into the Mead community,” she said.

Ronnie Maynes, Mead’s Dean of Students, has his principal’s license and is eager to take a new professional challenge.

“I do a lot of work in the community, and I wanted to be part of St. Vrain and all the neat stuff they have going on here as a school district,” said Mr. Maynes.

Mr. Maynes previously taught PE and health and was an athletic director at the middle school level.

His goal this year is to get to know the students and support them through what they need. “I want to be a big presence in this building. I’m very fun and laid back and want to use those relationships to help the students in any way I can.”

He is excited to be part of the Mead High School team and the community culture. 

Mead High School’s SRO, Officer Barela, came from Jefferson County’s sheriff’s department.

Officer Barela will be Mead’s temporary SRO until about October while Officer Jonae Coleman is in training for the Mead police department. 

“I absolutely love kids; it’s nice to be around people who are striving to learn and also be able to support the school and community,” explained Officer Barela. “The town of Mead is very friendly and [a] welcoming community.”

Officer Barela is excited to meet all of the students and get to know them. Although her uniform may be intimidating, she wants the students to know she’s here to help and support them.