Varsity Softball holds Longmont scoreless in 13-0 win

Mead High Varsity does not surrender a single run in their first Varsity Softball Game


Alejandro Aguilar

Junior Delaney Wilson, #8, drives in two runs on a triple in the first inning.

Faith Hale, Head Photographer

With freshman Joslyn Veltien, #13, on the mound, the Mavericks defense kept the bases clear for two perfect innings at their game on August 20.

Alejandro Aguilar
Freshman Joslyn Veltien, #13, stood as a pitcher for the game.

Veltien threw a total of five strikeouts in four innings pitched to complete the shutout. Defensively, the Mavericks made zero errors as a team.

They started off with a strong offense and scored a total of 10 runs in the first inning.

Senior Erin Hanafin, #11, led the rally by hitting a deep line-drive double to center allowing her to be in scoring position on second base, which was followed by a double from Tayler Brown, #2.

Later in the first inning, Delaney Wilson, junior #8, hit a triple to score two runners; Wilson led the team in RBI’s (runs batted in) with four in total.

Another triple was hit by Savanna Griebling, junior #9, during the second inning.

Overall, the girls had an offensive upper hand, with 12 RBI’s and 13 hits.

Wilson drove in two runs on a triple in the first inning.

Varsity Softball will be playing away at Holy Family High School on Wednesday, August 28 at 4:00 p.m.