Student Council reshuffles cabinet for 2019-2020 school year

StuCo has new goals and changes for the year


Faith Hale

From right to left, Izzy Cox, Celeste Ortega, and Quin Overlin.

The new 2019-2020 Student Council Cabinet are in and they have some new changes and goals for this school year. 

According to member Celeste Ortega, this is what the new cabinet looks like: 

“This year Quin Overlin is the President, I, Celeste Ortega, am Vice-President, and …Izzy Cox is Treasurer/Secretary.” This is a smaller cabinet then years past, she admitted, but she “thinks [they’re] a really strong team.” 

If you have never been in Student Council, the cabinet has a lot on their plates to keep the class running. 

“We’re all trying not to really have separate roles,” but focusing instead on “just working together.” But “when it comes to communication, the first person to go to is Quin.” 

As the Vice-President, she said “I’m going to be helping out with different committees and keeping things running like dances. I’m [also] just here to help Quin. If she’s out for a day, I’m going to be her backup.” 

One of the roles for Treasurer/Secretary Izzy Cox “is going to help out with… fundraising. She’s a huge part of that.”

Some changes are also coming to the Student Council Cabinet. 

“This year is a little bit different. Ms. Chastain used to help a little bit more with cabinet, but this year Quin is really in charge of everything—especially communication with committees.”

Another thing that is different in the cabinet this year is how they and the committee directors are chosen. 

As of this year, all cabinet positions and committee directors are “all chosen through Ms. Chastain. They are not nominated by students.”

According to Ortega, “They used to be a few years back, but it was just like a popularity contest …so now we just get nominated by Ms. Chastain.” 

This year’s cabinet also has some goals that they would like to pursue this year. 

“Student Council really wants to get involved [in the] community and the younger generations of Mead Mavericks” which includes “get[ting] involved in Elementary and Middle School a lot more.”

They also are looking to invest back into Mead High School. 

“Another big project we’re wanting to work on is definitely being more involved with like foreign exchange students and special needs students here at Mead High School.”

“Just bringing people together. That’s for sure our biggest goal I would say, and just working really hard. We’re a little bit short on people, but we’re all going to work as a big team, and hopefully make it a great year.”