This year’s Homecoming decorations are ‘bricking awesome’

Did you notice them?


Kiersten Communal

Student Council hangs posters reminding students of sprit week festivities.

Kiersten Communal, Writer

If you followed the ‘Yellow Brick Road’, it was obvious the MHS Student Council had been hard at work. With the dance, the big game, and spirit week coming up, they had to help students find their path all the way to Homecoming.

McKayla Parmley ‘20 was in charge of the decorations for this year. McKayla and her team started with big ideas, and then quickly transformed the MHS halls to something straight out of the Emerald City.

Parmley explained that certain people were assigned to certain wings. 

Each decoration took a couple of hours to bring together, and it took 5 hours to put up in each wing. Student Council stayed until 5:00 pm just to finish hanging everything up. 

Parmley added that this year was better than previous years in terms of getting the school decorated.

Students were asked to describe the decorations in one word.

Reagan Morris (’23) said the decorations were “fun”. Isaiah Sandoval (’21) said “yellow.”

The student body enjoyed the break in routine. From time-warp twisters to good ole PJ-day, the energy and participation ticked up each day as everyone could feel Homecoming drawing near. 

Morris added that “People are more excited and want to join in” with decorations.

Student Council said they were proud of the accomplishment and glad to do their part in kicking off Spirit Week.